Our Client Testimonials


Maximimum Settlements
“Lopez Law is going to fight to ensure you get what you deserve. Joe has a no-nonsense attitude and years of experience working with insurance companies to maximize his clients’ settlements. Best of all, he is very personable and you will enjoy working with him throughout your experience. He always answers the phone and has an open line of communication to keep you up to date.”

–Dallas Gremillion | Review from Google


I Made a Good Choice

“I’m glad I got Joe Lopez as my lawyer. Mr. Lopez and his staff were absolutely awesome. He [kept] me updated with my case at all times. The insurance company didn’t want to pay the entire policy and Mr. Lopez called the insurance company and got the entire policy limits. I made a good choice and highly recommend Mr. Lopez and his office.”

–Yvonne Sepeda | Review from Google & Yelp


Extremely Effective and Knowledgeable
“Joe is more than a lawyer, he’s a compassionate lawyer. The insurance company denied liability for my accident. I was released by another attorney and hired Joe. He fought the insurance company and sued on my behalf. After filing suit, Joe revealed that the defendant had contradicting stories about how the accident occurred. After this revelation, Joe got me more than I ever expected for my accident.”

–Edward | personal injury client


Great lawyer!!

“His firm exceeded my expectation, dealing with multiple insurance companies to resolve a claim. A claim which I thought was simple, [but] the insurance company complicated issues. This firm made things easy and expedited the entire process.”

—-Christin R. | Review from Yelp


Joe and his staff are amazing!

“He keeps you assured and looks out for your well-being. Joe was great about keeping me informed with every aspect of the case and was there to walk me through everything that came up. I would highly recommend Joe Lopez if you have been in an accident.”

–Leslie Z. | Review from Yelp


Exceeded My Expectations

“Joe and his firm really helped us in a time of need. I highly recommend Joe Lopez Law to anyone involved in a serious injury case. Luckily we received great compensation, and [we’re] very thankful of his firm.”

–Katherine Lehr | Review from Google


Hardworking, Attentive, and Knowledgeable
“Mr. Lopez came highly recommended to me by a friend. He had open communication with me throughout the process and in the end got me what I deserve. If you want a hardworking, attentive, and knowledgeable lawyer, Mr. Lopez is the lawyer for you!”

–Rachel M. | Review from Yelp


He Defines Tenacious
“Joe Lopez is [by] far the best attorney I have ever worked with. He defines tenacious! Joe worked on my case as it was his own. It’s a great feeling knowing your attorney truly had your best interests in mind, and fights for you with all he has.”

–Matthew R. | Review from Google


Goes Above and Beyond
“I can’t say enough positive things about Joe Lopez. I called 5 attorneys before I found Joe. He was so thorough and tenacious. I will forever be indebted to this man. He went above and beyond for me. You won’t be disappointed if you use him! He’s the best!!”

–Bren S. | Review from Google


Professional, Confident and Reliable
“Excellent experience! Mr. Lopez graciously met with me in my home after being hospitalized following a motorcycle accident. From our very first introduction, his professionalism exceeded my expectations. He was confident in his ability to be successful and fully open and honest in communication throughout the duration of the case. I felt like I could trust him which was so important to me since my knowledge of law and personal injury was so limited. He followed through on everything we discussed. I felt like I was in good hands and received the best possible service. I hope to not have any further personal injury issues in my future but would, without a doubt recommend, him to anyone who might be in need.”



First Class Treatment

“Joe’s been great helping me with my car accident. He took care of a rental right away and got us great medical treatment. He took the stress out immediately that we were dealing with. The insurance company for the other person was rude and didn’t [want to] give us anything. When Joe got Involved, he leveled the playing field. Not only that, I could get a hold of him in a moment’s notice, usually by text messaging. When it came to settlement we we’re pleasantly surprised on how much we actually got to keep for ourselves. The treatment we received was first class and I highly recommend Joe if you’ve been in an accident and need a lawyer!”

–Martin B. | Review from Google


Met Our Every Need

“I hired Joe right after a collision involving a commercial vehicle. Immediately the other driver tried to blame me for the accident. I was so stunned but had to go to the hospital so I didn’t get a say on what happened with the police officer. Joe immediately fixed the messed up investigation and helped us get everything taken care of. Fast forward 8 months later, being treated by the greatest doctors, he and his office met every need me and my family needed. He gave us his cell phone number at the beginning of the case and he was very easily available for our needs. I’d highly recommend Joe if you’ve been in a crash and injured!!!”

–Maria R. | Review from Yelp


Always Treats You With Respect
“Joe Lopez is an admirable attorney. He went above and beyond in my case and is an excellent source of information. Joe Lopez and his team truly are there to help you. Legal trials are always burdening and he made the long process that much easier and tolerable. From beginning to end, they made this already tough process, less stressful. Joe always treats you with respect and answers everything with due diligence. I highly recommend Joe to anyone seeking a hardworking attorney, and I will always turn to the Lopez team for any future legal situations.”

-Jorge Calderon | Review from Google & Yelp


Best Lawyer in Texas
“Jose is the best lawyer in Austin hands down. He’s easy to work with and he gets results. He’s very well liked by his peers and in the Austin community. I recommend Jose to everyone who asks me if they need a great lawyer.”

–Juan | client