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El Paso Burn Accident AttorneyIn today’s times, burn accidents are very common in society, especially among children. Every year, more than 300 kids die from fire or burn injuries and about 100,000 receive medical treatment for burns. These statistics are shocking and do not even include the thousands of adults who receive treatment for burns each year. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a burn injury, contact El Paso burn accident lawyer Joe Lopez as you may be entitled to receive compensation from the party responsible for your injuries.

Burn Accidents in El Paso, Texas

The American Burn Association reports that over 1 million injuries are due to burns. All of these burns usually do not require hospitalization but many of them can lead to severe injuries and sometimes be fatal. Burns can happen for a variety of reasons. During the winter season, big fires are more common and in turn, there are many fireplace and heater-related injuries but these can happen at any at other times during the year. Burns can happen because of:

  • Fires from car accidents or trucking accidents
  • Fires from heaters
  • House fires
  • Hot liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Electricity

Burn injuries are also separated according to the severity of damage they’ve done to the skin. Some burns can lead to deformity and even nerve damage. First degree burns are the least damaging and usually heal after a few days. The most outer layer of skin is affected and the markings appear like a sunburn with no blistering.

Second degree burns are classified as partial thickness involve the entire epidermis and the injury appears pink or red and moist. This burn may take up to 3 weeks to heal with little scarring. In worst case scenarios, some second degree burns are full thickness and this destroys the whole epidermis and skin grafting is usually required.

In third degree burns, all layers of the skin are destroyed. The areas that are burned will look black or white and will be leathery or dry in texture.

Fourth degree burns are the most extreme and go past the skin layers, way into the muscle and bone.

Any kind of burn injury can require medical treatment which can quickly cause a lot of medical bills. Burn injuries can keep you from going to work and also leave you with permanent scars. The responsible party may be required to pay your medical bills, be responsible for missed income, future income and pain and suffering. A El Paso Burn Accident Attorney in Texas can help you get the money you’re entitled to and help you speed up the healing process.


Burns can be some of the most painful and long-lasting injuries that you experience. Attorney Joe Lopez realizes injuries from burn accidents can affect your job and even can take an emotional toll on you plus the physical pain of the injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured by a burn accident, please don’t wait to contact El Paso Personal Injury Attorney Joe Lopez. He will work endless to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact our El Paso office today for a free consultation.