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El Paso Premises Liability AttorneyA lot of patrons are unaware that a property owner has the responsibility to provide a safe environment for clients, guests and even trespassers. Both home and business owners often do not understand the importance of making sure their property is kept safe for anyone who may enter the property whether they are invited or not. If you obtained an injury on someone’s property, they may be responsible for anything that may have happened due to unsafe conditions. If you have been hurt as a result of negligence on property in El Paso, contact experienced El Paso Premises Liability Attorney Joe Lopez so we can help.

Types of Visitors

Guests and customers are put into different categories in regards to receive under Texas law. Every patron on your property is given some type of protection based on what status they have.

An invitee is someone who has the most protection under the law and is usually a customer of a store or any other business setting. The owner of the property has a job to prevent an invitee from receiving any injury on their property whether they are aware of any danger or not. Even is a spill goes unreported, the owner of the property could still be held responsible for any injury that occurs since it was on the owner’s property. Hidden hazards are mainly found on large properties like hotels and resorts but still, the owner has a responsibility to inspect the property for any hazards.

Licensee Regulations That Must be Followed

A licensee is a guest with less protection than an invite but still receives a great amount of protection under the law. Although, a licensee is not able to receive any damages if they overstep boundaries the property owner has set. For example, if a property owner warned a licensee to not go into a certain room in their house or mess with their gun cabinet, the licensee will become a trespasser if they ignore the warning and will receive less protection if an injury occurs.

A trespasser has minimal protection under the law but the owner of the property still needs to prevent injuries against trespassers. For example, the owner of the property is not allowed to set a trap for trespassers that will result in critical injuries.

Lastly, a property owner must be cognizant of “attractive nuisances” which are especially tempting to young children. An example of this could be an empty swimming pool in which children might view as something to play in. This can lead to the children sustaining serious injuries. Hiring an experienced El Paso premises liability attorney can help if one of your children sustains an injury because of the negligence of a property owner. Property owners need to take great steps to prevent children from coming onto their property or make sure attractive nuisances are concealed and/or fixed.

El Paso Premises Liability Attorney Serving El Paso, TX

A premises liability case can be a slippery slope to traverse but an El Paso personal injury attorney Joe Lopez is well versed in handling these types of cases. As a guest on someone’s property, you are guaranteed, under the law, an amount of protection and should not sustain injuries due to negligence on the owner’s part. This protection also extends to trespassers. If you have sustained an injury on someone’s property, contact us today for a free consultation.