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Business owners must be cognizant of every possible injury that could happen on their property due to property defects, spills and other dangers not easily visible. Parking lots are not any different and can cause dangerous situations. Potholes, spills, ice and shopping carts can create a hazardous situation for any patron of a commercial business. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a parking lot fall, you may be eligible for compensation related to your injuries. Contact our experienced Parking Lot Falls Lawyer in El Paso today.

Parking Lot Injuries

While rare, El Paso can receive snow and this, in turn, creates dangerous situations in parking lots. Business owners must be wary of this as it is necessary to clear any debris or fix any dangerous situations such as black ice or ice that is not easily visible otherwise they may face a premises liability case. Larger grocery stores often face severe issues in shielding their customers from hazardous conditions because of the size of their parking lots. Smaller business places may not have the necessary supplies to adequately protect patrons during intense weather conditions. No matter the size of the business, all owners are required to provide safe conditions for potential customers.

Every year, thousands of people are hurt in parking lots of debris or other items that may cause them to slip and fall. Commercial business has the highest amount of these incidents because customers often have their hands full which in turn creates a heavier impact when they fall. When you own a business, it’s the business owner’s duty to ensure their parking lot is free from obvious and hidden hazards. When you own property, you are responsible for any injury that happens on the property, especially if there are any hidden dangers. A property owner may be responsible for your medical bills and any other bills such as loss of future earnings or currently lost wages. Contact El Paso Parking Lot Injury Lawyer Joe Lopez if you’ve been hurt due to a fall in a business’ parking lot.


If you or someone you love has been injured in a parking lot fall, you may be eligible to receive compensation for injuries sustained in the fall. A business owner also is responsible for the parking lot and has a legal obligation to keep the lot free from hazards that could cause harm. El Paso Personal Injury Attorney Joe Lopez has tons of experience in protecting clients from businesses who do not take responsibility for injuries that occur on their property. Do not fall victim to paying the medical bills on your own. Contact our Parking Lot Falls Lawyer in El Paso today for a free consultation.