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El Paso Dog Bite AttorneyDog bites and dog attacks are common in the news due to the injuries they cause. Texas cities follow leash laws which require owners to have their dogs on leashes if they are outdoors. Even in dog-friendly cities, it is crazy how many dogs are allowed to roam the neighborhood with the ability to be a threat to children or adults. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury from a dog bite, contact El Paso Dog Bite Attorney Lopez today.

Dog Bites In Texas

The state of Texas follows a “one bite rule” regarding domestic animal bites, which was initially implemented in 1974. While the original law was instituted after a man was bitten by a neighboring farm owner’s hog, in our reference, the same rule applies to dog bites also. This law states that in order to receive compensation, an injured person must:

  • provide proof that the dog’s owner knew the dog acted aggressively or had bitten someone in the past, or
  • the dog’s owner was negligent in using care or control to prevent the dog bite, resulting in the person being injured

The owner of the dog is likely to present many defenses against the dog bite such as an assumption of risk. For this reason, it is urgent for you to call El Paso Dog Bite Attorney Joe Lopez. We can get you the compensation you deserve.

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If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a dog bite, do not wait to contact the El Paso Dog Bite Attorney at Joe Lopez Law. Joe has tons of experience in defending clients against the injuries from dangerous dog attacks. These dangerous dogs are free to roam way too often and in turn, this leads to severe injuries, a lot of time to children who can’t sense the temperament of other dogs. Contact our El Paso personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation and we will aid you in deciding if you have a claim against the dog’s owner.